5 mistakes you are making on Instagram


Hello dear readers, today I wanted to share some quick and easy to execute tips to improve your IG game.

  1. Setting your profile to private. Instagram is intended to be a social tool, setting your profile to private is like showing up to a party, but not speaking to people. If you want to connect with people and brand your business, having a public profile is a must.
  2. Not completing your profile. Currently your profile is the only place where you can save a live URL, leading back to your site. Make sure to complete your profile description, so visitors know what to expect to see from you.
  3. Not communicating with your followers. Have a conversation with your followers, ask them questions and respond to feedback you receive from them under your pictures. This is how you build trust and relationships.
  4. Not commenting on other profiles. IG is not a set it and forget it kind of platform, you have to learn to nurture your relationships with others. When you post to your account, make sure to like and comment on other accounts as well.
  5. Not regularly posting or posting too much. The quality of your images is very important, so is a regular post schedule. Make sure that you post a few times through the day, optimizing based on the timing or likes and comments your posts receive. Don’t be spammy and try to post in few hours intervals instead of posting images and/or videos back to back.

What are some things that you have tried on your IG account that improved your engagement and increase your follower counts? Would love to hear your go to tactics.

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Email Problems? 5 bulletproof tips on how to rock your email.

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