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Many small businesses struggle to stay organized and properly leverage the resources they already have. It’s tough to spend time and money on researching and paying for tools and also having the burden of time consuming implementations. Much of what my business does focuses on creating marketing systems and procedures for small business. Having robust systems and automation in place allows you to compete with larger corporations, grow your business and easily respond to market trends.

While most small and medium size businesses don’t have the budgets to analyze and address the smallest of questions, they do have the advantage of being resourceful, quick and flexible in how they resolve problems.

Some of the flexibility comes from useful applications that at times can replace big departments. Today, I wanted to share a few tools and/or applications that will make you more productive and effective in managing your business’ marketing.


  1. DuxSoup – DuxSoup is actually a Chrome extension. This is a Linkedin tool that will help you automate and track Linkedin leads. You can add notes to your prospects, it will help you keep track of your leads, you can add personalized information about the prospect, such as birthdays or special interests. You can export the data about your leads, from personal email addresses to industries or companies they work for. It’s a very powerful tool if you are selling B2B.
  2. Giphy – GIF or moving images are now everywhere, you can respond to Facebook comments by adding a GIF, sharing them on your social media profiles or add a GIF to your blog post. Giphy offers a plethora of existing GIF images, but you can also easily create a GIF without having a deep understanding of photo editing software. I like that you can create your own images that are branded to your company or created just for you. It offers a fun way of entertaining your social media followers and shows that you are very much in touch with recent trends.
  3. Easy Webinars – This is a fantastic tool to host a variety of webinars to market your business or yourself. This tool can be integrated with other marketing platforms, such as Mailchimp, Drip, WordPress or Youtube. Easy Webinars has a wide range of features and, unlike other platforms, doesn’t rate you based on the number of attendees, it provides webcam and desktop sharing which comes in handy when you are running tutorials, sends our reminder emails and offers a wide number of templates to invite people to sign up for your webinar. It also allows you to record your presentation for future sharing. The plan is around $40/month, but they invoice annually.
  4. Evernote – Have you ever waited in line for your turn to order that expensive coffee wishing you could have remembered that article you saw a few days back about social media? Well, Evernote allows you to save and group articles, PDF, websites and so on and recall them at a later date.Evernote is perfect for team work, if you are working on different projects, but need an easy way to access resources. Depending on the size of the content you are trying to save you might only need the basic account, which is free. I have an upgraded service as it allows me to save and create more notes and materials. I love that I can organize my saved articles by keywords, so I can easily access them when I am looking for something to read. I like it to create my blog posts or simply rough drafting content for clients. Not only you can create a note with links, but you can add attachments and recordings.
  5. PicLab – Is another easy to use picture editing application. It’s available for Android and iOS devices. I like that I can work on an image, save it and reopen it later. You can not only edit the image, but you can add text, different effects and artwork. If your business has branded fonts or graphics, such a logos, PicLab allows you to install those in the app and use when editing images. This is a fantastic tool to create images that lets you stand out on IG or other social media accounts.


Are you using any of the above mentioned tools? What are your favorites? Let me know in the comment section and don’t forget to subscribe to my monthly newsletter!


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